Creativity Abounds

Artist, Greg Brummett has been creating unique quality art pieces including photographs and jewelry for over 30 years.  

​All jewelry is hand crafted by Greg from the finest quality metals and semi-precious gemstones, that include turquoise, bolder opals, agates, quartz, hematite, onyx, coral, tiger eye, and others. Many stones are cut, shaped and polished by Greg personally.

Come see the latest in what we have to offer in unique handcrafted jewelry.  

Greg  creates very unique wire-wrapped pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings using all natural stones, silver & copper.

Greg also creates unique steampunk style jewelry using pieces of antique watches, clocks, antique hardware, silver, copper, bronze and, of course, all natural stones.

Steampunk is a style of science fiction mixing modern technology with the Victorian period.  It suggests a modern world where the internal combustion engine was never invented and steam rules the day.  Engines powered by steam mixed with the shock of the punk culture are key components.

Greg Brummett, Artist


Buena Vista Jewelry